Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.
Dale Carnegie

We engage in a number of services throughout our work week.  We understand that to perform the work we do with excellence, we need to be renaissance men and women. That being said we continue to train and perfect the following crafts:

Garden and Landscape Design: Design is fundamental to the beauty of our work. We prioritize the design process so that we can get many of the nuanced details ironed out before we break ground. Being a Design/Build company, we offer flexibility and customization that goes beyond a set of drawings. We make changes you want to see and will offer suggestions when necessary.

Native Plant Installation: Working with drought tolerant, California Native species is a favorite of ours. We have been working with native plants like penstemons, manzanitas, and sages in an effort to bring vitality and natural beauty back to our state. Being water-wise is important to us and our environment. 

Orchard Development: This is where we got our start. We have had tremendous success planting a variety of orchards. An orchard can be several of the same type of tree or a mix of different varieties. Some species to consider: pineapple guava, avocado, orange, tangerine, guava, lemon, grapefruit, peach, mandarine, apple, pluot, pomello, ice cream bean, cherimoya, lychee, sapote, plum, apricot, cherry, fig, almond, chestnut, pomegranate, pear, strawberry guava, olive, and mulberry.

Vegetable Bed Installation: Vegetable beds are great ways to isolate and tend to your edible garden.  We suggest elevating your vegetable beds to an elevation of at least 18 inches to help in the weeding and harvesting process.  Allowing ample amounts of oxygen through the soil profile gives your vegetables the best chance at vigorous healthy growth. Using broken concrete to create these beds gives you a permanent option to generate organic shapes or more traditional geometric beds. Lining each bed with gopher wire protects your vegetables from rodents. 

Irrigation Diagnostics: Irrigation is critical. Supply lines, unions, valves, and nozzles will break down and fail with time. These problems lead to inefficiencies in your overall system. If you notice leaks, wet spots, or irregular run times, allow us to provide an estimate for you before we commence with a remedy.

Broken Concrete Furniture: We pride ourselves in unique handcrafted stationary furniture. Much of our stationary furniture is designed in house and constructed by our masons. Repurposed concrete is crafted into benches, conversation circles, and artistic landmarks throughout your garden. 

Artistic Cobble Accents: Cobble accents are created by meticulously arranging the flattest sides of each stone to be at finish grade. Each stone is laid in a bed of class II road base to provide stability. Cobble accents are used to create negative space and in many circumstances are used as areas for water to percolate to the soil profiles below. 

Broken Concrete Walkways and Driveways: Re-purposing broken concrete as a walkway or driveway is both sustainable and beautiful. We often break up old concrete from driveways where it has cracked or lifted. We also recycle directly from quarry's and dumpsites where it is considered a waste product. Our skilled masons chisel and mortar each peace to create a flagstone appearance that you can drive and walk on. 

Water Catchment and Drainage: Re-capturing rain water is paramount. Directing water from downspouts and roof lines to flow toward arroyos and water catchment wells will allow percolation to occur. These features are designed to make the most out of water that falls in your garden.   

Gravel Paths: Gravel paths help you move through your garden with ease. We install all gravel paths by compacting four inches of road base before applying a thin decorative gravel finish to the path's foundation. The final decorative finish is compacted to create a rock solid surface that will handle drainage and foot traffic with ease. 

Smart Irrigation Controller Installation and Setup: A new Rachio smart irrigation controller can be setup to run off your smart phone. Consider getting updates as your system turns on, gets delayed for rain storms, and notifies you if a system failed to turn on. Being able to manually adjust water times by visiting the app on your phone will keep you in the drivers seat and feeling in control of your yard. 

Valve Repair: With time, irrigation valves wear out. If it's been more than 10 years since your valves have been installed, consider replacing the old valves with new valves. We prefer using Hunter valves. If you have a valve that is leaking, not turning on, or has malfunctioned in anyway, we will provide you with a proper diagnostic and provide an estimate before work is completed. 

Wood Structures: Arbors, fences, benches, trellis structures, and walls add depth and places to sit in your garden space. We design and build each structure to be elegant and durable. 

Outdoor Kitchens: From stand alone grills to full utility kitchens, we take care of each facet of the outdoor kitchen experience. Grills, burners, pizza ovens, counter tops, refrigerators, outdoor lighting, and fans. 

Landscape Lighting: We use the best fixtures available to us on every project we touch. Quality fixtures like FX Luminaire, help us keep our commitment to quality. Low voltage lighting consists of a transformer, low voltage landscape wire, waterproof connectors, and low voltage LED fixtures.